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Structural Steel Supply

We, Prime Steel Frames and Trusses are a privately owned, steel manufacturer and supplier company in Sydney that has processing capabilities. 

Our main goal is to meet our customers’ demands, by providing high-quality services and products in time. Our flexibility in our day-to-day operations and daily business ensures that our customers are more satisfied. We are the biggest stockists of high-end steel frames and trusses in the region and are equipped with the latest technology and equipment.

The high-end steel products that we offer, find use in different businesses like the construction industry, and also the agricultural sectors. Whatever structural steel you want, we will provide it within 24 hours. 

Contact our helpful staff at PrimeSteel Frames and Trusses today. We are a one-stop firm for all Steel requirements in Sydney. We are the most dependable Structural steel supplier, for residential as well as industrial construction. This is where you can access steel processing products and services swiftly, efficiently, and in a local location. Our extensive assortment of applications can be used for general and steel framing installation needs.

Types of Structural Steel

Explore the various types of Structural steel supply we offer, including:


Learn about the versatility and strength of I-beams in construction projects.

Hollow Structural Sections (HSS)

Discover how HSS can be used for columns, beams, and more.


Find out how channels are used in structural applications.

Angle Iron

Explore the applications of angle iron in building and fabrication.

Steel Grades and Specifications

Get in-depth information on the different steel grades and specifications available for your project needs.

ASTM Standards

Understand the significance of ASTM standards in structural steel selection.

High-Strength Low-Alloy (HSLA) Steel

Learn about the benefits of HSLA steel in demanding projects.

Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel

Explore the differences between these two popular steel options.

Custom Fabrication Services

Discover our custom fabrication capabilities tailored to your unique project requirements.

Cutting and Welding

Learn how we precision-cut and weld steel to your specifications.

Drilling and Punching

Explore our services for creating holes and openings in structural steel.

Painting and Coating

Find out about protective coatings for long-lasting durability.

Steel Finishing

Enhance the aesthetics and corrosion resistance of your structural steel with our finishing options.


Understand the benefits of galvanised steel for rust prevention.

Powder Coating

Learn how powder coating adds a durable and attractive finish.

Prime and Paint

Explore the customization possibilities with primer and paint options.

Delivery and

Get information on our efficient delivery and logistics services to streamline your construction projects.

Timely Deliveries

Learn how we prioritise on-time delivery to meet project deadlines.

Transportation Options

Explore our various transportation methods for cost-effective solutions.

Inventory Management

Discover how we can assist with inventory planning and management.


View our past projects and see how our structural steel solutions have contributed to successful construction endeavours.

Commercial Projects

Explore our involvement in commercial building projects.

Industrial Facilities

See examples of our steel supply in industrial settings.

Residential Construction

Find out how we support residential construction ventures.


Learn about our commitment to quality control and assurance in every step of the steel supply process.

Inspections and Testing

Discover our rigorous testing procedures to ensure top-notch quality.


Find out about our certifications that guarantee compliance with industry standards.


Understand how we track and trace the source and history of our steel products.

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