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Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses

We are experts in truss and steel frames and we are aware of the vital role roof trusses play in the durability, stability as well as the overall performance of your structure. In this in-depth submenu we will dive into the intriguing world of roof trusses and shed light on their forms as well as their advantages, design considerations, and much more.

Types of Roof Trusses

Roof trusses can be found in various designs, each with its own advantages. Understanding these kinds of trusses will allow you to make informed choices regarding your building project

King Post Trusses

They feature one vertical post at the centre and diagonal braces that extend from the apex down to the bottom of the chord. They are perfect for smaller spans and offer an elegant look for your roof.

Queen Post Trusses

Queen post trusses consist of two posts with braces that are diagonal. They are ideal for medium to long spans and are renowned for their strength and aesthetic appeal.

Scissor Trusses

Scissor trusses are unique in design, with crossed diagonal members that create a stunning open space. They are ideal for large, vaulted ceilings and offer the maximum headroom.

Parallel Chord Trusses

These trusses have parallel chords at the top and bottom that make them versatile and economical for a broad variety of applications. They are widely employed in commercial and residential construction.

Trusses for Howe

Trusses made of Howe have diagonal members that tilt towards the centre, as well as vertical members that extend upwards. They are strong and frequently used in industrial structures and bridges.

Benefits of Steel Roof Trusses

Prime Steel Frames & Trusses are experts in roof trusses made of steel and frames for reasons. Steel has numerous advantages over other materials such as wood:

Durability and Strength

Steel trusses are extremely strong and are able to withstand heavy loads and extreme weather conditions. They are also immune to pests, rot and decay, which means an extremely long-lasting roofing solution.

Design Flexibility

Steel trusses can be adapted to fit various design styles and project specifications. They permit large clear spans, which offer greater design possibilities.

Minimum maintenance

Unlike wood, steel trusses need minimal maintenance, which reduces long-term costs and hassle.

Protection from Fire

Steel is non-combustible which adds an extra layer of protection to your home.

Design Considerations

Span Length

The span's length that your trusses have to cover is an important factor to consider. Longer spans could require more intricate design of trusses or additional support.

Capacity of Load-Bearing

Consider the expected load on your roof, which includes snow or wind, as well as additional loads, such as solar panels. Your truss design should be able to handle these loads in a safe manner.

Roof pitch

The pitch of your roof influences the design of your truss. Higher pitches might require different truss configurations compared to smaller ones.


Truss designs can affect the aesthetics of your home. Choose a design that matches the style of your architecture.

Installation and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and proper installation is essential to ensure the longevity of your roof Trusses:

Professional Installation

Ensure that your roof trusses have been installed by knowledgeable professionals who adhere to the industry standards and local building codes.


Regular inspections can detect potential problems early and help avoid costly repairs. Check for loose connections, rust and indications of damage.

Repairs and Reinforcement

If any issues are discovered take action immediately. Trusses made of steel can be repaired or reinforced, thus extending their life.

Environmental Considerations

In our current world of environmental awareness sustainability is a crucial factor. Steel is a recyclable substance, and the use of it in your roof trusses could aid in a greener construction industry. In addition, steel trusses could aid in the construction of solar panels, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your home.

Cost Considerations

Steel trusses have many advantages, it’s important to take into consideration your budget. We at Prime Steel Frames & Trusses provide affordable solutions that combine the quality of our products with affordability. Our experts will help you make informed choices that are in line with your budget goals.

Roof Truss Materials

Steel isn’t the only choice for roofing trusses. While steel is renowned for its durability and strength however, other materials may be evaluated depending on the specific requirements of the project:


Traditional wood trusses are still in use to build homes. They provide an appealing, natural look and are ideal for shorter spans.


Aluminium trusses are light and resistant to corrosion. They are often used in areas in which weight is a major element, like in the field of entertainment to create lighting and stage installation.

Composite Trusses

Certain modern trusses mix different materials, like steel and wood, to maximise the advantages of each. These trusses that are hybrid offer the best balance of strength and cost effectiveness.

Roof Truss Engineering and Design

Behind every roof truss that is successful is meticulous designing and engineering. The team at Prime Steel Frames & Trusses employs the latest technology and software to create precise truss designs to meet the requirements of your project. This engineering process guarantees that the trusses are sturdy and are able to handle the load.

Roof Truss Manufacturing

The process of manufacturing roof trusses is a precise and controlled process. Steel trusses are made according to exact specifications, which includes precisely measured angles and dimensions. The manufacturing facilities we use adhere to stringent quality standards so that each truss we produce is of the best standard.

Roof Truss Installation

The correct installation is vital for the efficiency of the roof trusses. This is a crucial aspect that shouldn’t be missed. Our installation team is experienced in constructing roof trusses in a safe and efficient manner. They adhere to the best practices and safety guidelines to ensure that the trusses are properly installed.

Roof Truss Customization

There are no two construction projects identical, and neither will your roof trusses. Prime Steel Frames & Trusses can customise the trusses to meet your individual requirements. If it’s a particular design need, colour preference, or a specific finishing, we’ll customise the trusses according to your vision.

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Roof Trusses