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Structural Steel Installation

At Prime Steel Frames & Trusses, We are proud in providing top-quality steel fabrication solutions that are specifically designed to meet the particular requirements of the building industry for houses in Sydney. Our dedication to excellence and our decades of experience, make us the ideal supplier of steel frames and trusses. Explore our services and find out why we are the most trusted choice for contractors and builders across Sydney.

Our Services

Steel Frames : Crafted with precision to ensure durability

Steel frames from us are constructed with care to give unparalleled durability and strength for your residential projects. We are aware of the importance of having a sturdy foundation for your homes which is why we offer a broad selection of steel frame solutions. No matter if you need standard frames or bespoke designs We have the experience and equipment to provide.

Steel Trusses: Helping You To Implement Your Vision One Truss at A Time

Get structural flexibility and architectural flexibility with our steel truss system. We provide a variety of truss styles, each carefully designed to meet the specific needs of the construction project. From basic residential trusses to elaborate customised designs our team of experts is prepared to bring your idea to reality.

Custom Fabrication: Your Ideas and our Expertise

Sometimes, standard solutions aren't enough. This is the point where our custom fabrication solutions are available. Send us your ideas for a unique design with us and our expert craftsmen will collaborate with you to develop steel frames and trusses to meet the specifications of your project. We are up for any challenge and are eager to turn your ideas into reality.

Professional Consultation: Guidance for Your Success

We know that selecting the most appropriate steel fabrication solution can be difficult. Our team of experts will help you navigate the entire process. From the initial planning stage to selecting the right materials and design consulting, we provide professional guidance to ensure the success of your project.

Delivery and Installation Completely seamless Project Execution

We don't only supply steel trusses and frames but we also offer easy delivery and installation services. Our skilled installation staff will ensure that your steel parts are properly and securely placed to save energy and time during construction.

Steel Fabrication Process

The process of making steel involves a number of important steps:

Material Selection

Selecting the correct grade and type of steel that is suitable for the purpose is vital.


Steel bars or sheets are cut into desired shapes and sizes by using various methods, including cutting, sawing or cutting with plasma.


Steel parts are bent and shaped to meet the specifications of the design typically by using rollers or presses.


Steel pieces are joined by using various welding techniques, such as TIG, MIG or arc welding.


Components are joined to form the final product whether it's a structural beam, machine or a decorative piece.


Steel surfaces are usually treated to prevent corrosion or improve aesthetics by using processes such as galvanising, painting or powder coating.

Applications of Steel Fabrication


Steel is utilised to build structural components for structures bridges, structures, and bridges.


Equipment, machinery and components are typically constructed from steel to provide durability and toughness.


Frames and body components contribute to the safety and performance of vehicles.


Frames and components of aircraft are usually constructed of lightweight yet durable steel alloys.


Steel is used to pipelines, power plants, and in renewable energy infrastructure.

Advantages of Steel Fabrication

Durability and Strength

Steel is renowned by its strong strength-to-weight ratio, as well as its tenacity.


It is able to be customised to meet the requirements of specific projects.


efficient production processes usually produce cost-savings.


Steel can be recycled which makes it an eco-friendly option.


It can be used for decorative and structural reasons.

Choosing a Steel Fabrication Partner


Search for companies with a solid history of success in this field.


Make sure they have the right equipment and know-how to meet your specific requirements.

Quality Assurance

Check for certifications and an obligation to quality.


Get recommendations and look over past projects.