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Steel Joists

What Are Steel Joists?

Steel joists, commonly called bar joists or open-web steel joist (OWSJ) are crucial components of the construction industry. They are lightweight, yet extremely sturdy structure elements are built to bear the weight of roofs and floors in a range of structures, from homes for residential use to huge commercial complexes.

The Role of Steel Joists in Construction

Steel joists are the foundation of any structure and provide the framework that flooring and roofing are constructed. They play an important part in spreading loads evenly across the structures supporting them, and ensuring the stability and durability.

Why choose Steel Joists from Prime Steel Frames & Trusses?

We are Prime Steel Frames & Trusses We are proud of providing the highest quality steel joist which are designed to meet and surpass industry standards. Our steel joists are made with precision engineering and supported by decades of experience. If you’re a contractor or homeowner, or architect choosing our steel joist will ensure durability and reliability to complete your work.

Types of Steel Joists

Structural Steel Detailing finds application in a broad range of construction projects in various industries. Let's look at some of the areas in which this precise process is essential:

Standard Steel Joists

Standard steel Joist are the most popular type and are utilised in various construction projects. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet various needs for load.

K-Series Steel Joists

K-series steel joist are renowned for their open-web design which allows for the easy installation of electrical and mechanical systems. They are commonly employed in industrial and commercial constructions.

LH-Series Steel Joists

The LH-series steel joist are made to have longer spans and heavier loads, which makes them suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

DLH-Series Steel Joists

The DLH-series steel joist are a blend of the standard and LH series joists, offering the ability to carry loads in a variety of capacities. They are perfect for projects that have different demands for load.

How to Choose the Right Steel Joist for Your Project?

The selection of the correct type of steel joist will be essential to the successful completion of your construction. Factors such as load-bearing capability as well as span requirements and the specific requirements for your construction will affect the choice you make.

Advantages of Steel Joists

Strength and Durability

Steel joist are famous for their durability and strength and are able to endure heavy loads and extreme weather conditions.

Design Versatility

Steel joists are flexible in design which allows engineers and architects to design innovative and visually pleasing structures.


Although the initial price of steel joists might be a little higher than other materials Their long-term value-for-money and low maintenance requirements and their durability make them a smart investment.

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

Steel joists are a great source of recycling and are a key component of environmentally sustainable building practices. Their long life span reduces the requirement for replacements, which reduces the amount of waste.

Applications of Steel Joists

Residential Construction

Steel joists are being increasingly used in residential construction because of their strength-to-weight ratio as well as design flexibility.

Commercial Buildings

In commercial structures, steel joists provide the required support for large spans, accommodating floor plans, and large open spaces.

Industrial Facilities

The capacity to support loads for steel joists is what makes them ideal for industrial installations in which heavy machinery and heavy equipment are frequently in use.

Infrastructure Projects

Steel joists are an essential component when it comes to the building of highways, bridges as well as other projects for infrastructure. They ensure stability and security.

Design and Engineering Excellence

Our Commitment to Quality

We are Prime Steel Frames & Trusses We place a high value on the highest quality in all aspects of our steel joist fabrication from the materials used to the manufacturing processes.

Customization Options

We can customise our services to meet the specific needs of your particular project which include custom sizes, configurations, and finishes.

Load-Bearing Capacities

Our steel joists have been designed to be able to surpass the load-bearing standards of the industry to ensure the safety and security of your structure.

Conformity to Building Codes

Steel joists are made and designed to be in compliance with international and local standards and building codes giving peace of mind for contractors and builders.

Installation and Maintenance

Proper Installation Techniques

We provide guidelines and information to ensure the correct installation of steel joists to guarantee the structural stability and safety.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

Regular maintenance is crucial to extend the life of steel joists. We provide tips and suggestions to ensure your structure is in top condition.

Safety Considerations

Safety is the most important factor in construction. We stress the importance of following safety guidelines when installing and maintaining steel Joists.

Comparing Steel Joists with Other Materials

Steel vs. Wood Joists

We review the advantages and cons of steel joists compared to traditional wood joists. We also highlight the advantages of choosing steel.

Steel vs. Concrete Joists

A comparison of concrete joists and steel with a focus on load-bearing capacity design flexibility, as well as cost-effectiveness.

Steel vs. Aluminum Joists

Find out the differences between aluminium and steel Joists by analysing aspects like strength, weight, weight, and resistance to corrosion.

FAQs About Steel Joists

PSF&T automated construction technology that provides accelerated cold formed steel construction. If you are looking a cold formed steel structure to be built we recommend contacting one of our PSF&F Staff, and they will be more than happy to help.
The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast, modern methods. PSF&T machine cold formed steel (CFS) can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings.
The design-led process reduces costs including engineering and skilled labour and increases productivity efficiencies giving an overall greater return on investment.
Using the FRAMECAD design and engineering software and equipment there are significant speed advantages which often result in the delivery of the overall project being cheaper. These costs vary from region to region so talk to an expert to understand the advantages with PSF&T.
When cladding and lining CFS walls it is important to follow the supplier’s installation guidelines and the recommended fastener spacings. PSF&T also recommends the use of a suitable adhesive between the lining sheet and the steel stud. The adhesive is applied in a coin size daub between the fasteners. This has many benefits to the structure and helps prevent any noise created when tapping the lining sheet. On any wall where either a glass wool or Rockwool insulation is installed it is important that the whole cavity is filled, always specify a product that is the same thickness as the frame width.
Galvanized cold formed steel will not crack, shrink, splinter, creep, split, warp, swell or rot. Steel is impervious to termites and wood destroying insects.
Steel’s strength and non-combustible properties offer greater protection for your home and family. Choosing steel-framing can eliminate high wind, fire, and lightning damage to your home.
Steel framing is your environmentally friendly residential framing choice. In comparison it takes 40-50 mature trees versus six recycled cars to frame a 200 square meter home. You can quickly appreciate the value of steel today and the impact on generations to come.

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