Build your home with the strength of TRUECORE® Steel Frames

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Sydney has had a love affair with timber homes, but steel frame & trusses offer many advantages.

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Steel frames & Trusses in Sydney & Regional NSW

Prime Steel Frames and Trusses, we’re not just builders, but dream weavers. We turn your dream of the perfect home into a reality by using the durability and flexibility of steel frame structure. With a dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainable living, we’re honoured to be your partner in the construction of your ideal home in Sydney.

Building a steel frame building is much more cost-effective in rural areas as all the materials are pre-cut or prefabricated, which makes it easily transported for fast construction. Also, our team of qualified steel installers can make life easy to install steel frame structures for you.


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Build your home with the strength of TRUECORE® Steel Frames and Trusses

Steel framing is fast becoming one of the most popular and preferred systems for house building in Australia. Homes built with Steel Frames and Trusses are strong, straight and completely termite and borer proof.

Why Steel is a better option than timber?

Structural Steel is the next generation of construction. It is unbeatable durability, strength and sustainability. Thanks to its sleek profile it maximises the interior space, which allows for more design options. It’s also resistant to fire, pests as well as extreme weather. If you select Prime Steel Frames & Trusses, you’re choosing an eco-friendly, sustainable and elegant living experience.


Why should you choose
Prime Steel Frames & Trusses?

Strength and Long-term durability

Our steel-framed houses are built to stand the tests of time and the toughest Australian conditions. You can be confident that your investment will be safe and your family is safe.

Unlimited Design

Steel wall framing gives you unbeatable design flexibility that lets you design the perfect home that fits your preferences, style and desires. From modern marvels to timeless classics, we design each one.


Steel Framework not only provides longevity, but also savings on costs in the long term. It's a smart investment in your future.


We're passionate about sustainability. The steel framework we use is environmentally friendly and contributes to reducing carbon footprint. Feel confident that you are using energy efficiently and feel secure knowing that you're making a positive contribution to the environmental sphere.

Expert Team

Our team at Prime Steel Frames & Trusses consists of highly skilled engineers, architects and builders committed to transforming your dream home into the reality you want it to be. From the initial design to the final touches we're there with you throughout the process.



Frequently Asked Questions

PSF&T automated construction technology that provides accelerated cold formed steel construction. If you are looking a cold formed steel structure to be built we recommend contacting one of our PSF&F Staff, and they will be more than happy to help.
The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast, modern methods. PSF&T machine cold formed steel (CFS) can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings.
The design-led process reduces costs including engineering and skilled labour and increases productivity efficiencies giving an overall greater return on investment.
Using the FRAMECAD design and engineering software and equipment there are significant speed advantages which often result in the delivery of the overall project being cheaper. These costs vary from region to region so talk to an expert to understand the advantages with PSF&T.
When cladding and lining CFS walls it is important to follow the supplier’s installation guidelines and the recommended fastener spacings. PSF&T also recommends the use of a suitable adhesive between the lining sheet and the steel stud. The adhesive is applied in a coin size daub between the fasteners. This has many benefits to the structure and helps prevent any noise created when tapping the lining sheet. On any wall where either a glass wool or Rockwool insulation is installed it is important that the whole cavity is filled, always specify a product that is the same thickness as the frame width.
Galvanized cold formed steel will not crack, shrink, splinter, creep, split, warp, swell or rot. Steel is impervious to termites and wood destroying insects.
Steel’s strength and non-combustible properties offer greater protection for your home and family. Choosing steel-framing can eliminate high wind, fire, and lightning damage to your home.
Steel framing is your environmentally friendly residential framing choice. In comparison it takes 40-50 mature trees versus six recycled cars to frame a 200 square meter home. You can quickly appreciate the value of steel today and the impact on generations to come.
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