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Hebel Flooring

What exactly is Hebel Flooring?

Hebel Flooring, which is also referred to as AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete) Flooring is a novel product made of sand, lime, cement as well as aluminium powder. The unique manufacturing process involves aerating the mix and forming countless air bubbles inside the material. These air bubbles are responsible for the material’s extraordinary properties, including its lightness and insulation properties.

Why should you choose Hebel Flooring?

Lightweight Nature

Hebel Flooring is considerably lighter than conventional concrete. This makes it much easier to move and install. This makes it less structurally burdensome on the building's overall structure and allows the possibility of cost reduction and flexibility.

Superior Insulation

The superior insulation properties in terms of thermal and acoustic of Hebel Flooring can help improve the efficiency of buildings in terms of energy use. This means less heating and cooling expenses for both businesses and homeowners.


Sustainability is a major goal of modern construction. Hebel Flooring is perfect with this goal. Hebel Flooring's manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and the product is recyclable in all respects.

Prime Steel Frames and Trusses has accepted Hebel Flooring as an integral element of the construction work we undertake. The decision to use Hebel Flooring is based on our unwavering commitment to provide quality affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly solutions to our customers.

The advantages of Hebel Flooring in Prime Steel Frames and Trusses' Projects

Improved Structural Integrity

Hebel Flooring has outstanding load-bearing capability, providing solid foundations for multi-story structures. Prime Steel Frames and Trusses have been able to leverage this to build structures that can stand to the tests of time.

Speedy Installation

The lightness of Hebel Flooring eases installation and allows Prime Steel Frames and Trusses to finish projects in less time than conventional concrete slabs. This not only lowers the cost of construction but also eases the inconvenience for customers.

Energy Efficiency

The exceptional insulation qualities of Hebel Flooring play a significant part in enhancing the efficiency of buildings. Prime Steel Frames and Trusses projects have a proven track record of reducing energy consumption, which contributes to sustainability and satisfaction of clients.

Noise Reduction

Hebel Flooring's properties for sound insulation have been a huge help in creating peaceful working and living spaces within Prime Steel Frames and Trusses commercial and residential projects.

Prime Steel Frames and Trusses' Hebel Flooring Projects

Residential Projects

Prime Steel Frames and Trusses has integrated Hebel Flooring in a variety of residential construction projects from comfortable family homes to lavish estates. The light weight of Hebel Flooring made it possible to design innovative designs and quick construction, addressing the various requirements of their customers.

Commercial Projects

In the commercial space, Prime Steel Frames and Trusses has utilized Hebel Flooring for the construction of retail establishments, office spaces as well as industrial facilities. Its energy efficiency and sound insulation capabilities have dramatically improved the quality of these areas.

Sustainable Solutions

Our company's dedication to sustainable development is evident in the choice they make for Hebel Flooring. Utilizing this eco-friendly product we have built buildings that are not just efficient in cost but also sustainable.

Future Prospects

As the trends in construction continue to change, Hebel Flooring will play an integral role in ensuring that Prime Steel Frames and Trusses remain in the forefront of the construction industry.

Industrial Trends and Hebel Flooring

Hebel Flooring in the Construction Industry

The popularity of Hebel Flooring isn’t limited to Prime Steel Frames and Trusses. It has become a preferred option for construction projects all over. This material is versatile and has found applications in commercial, portable buildings residential industrial and residential projects. The impact of this material on the industry is huge, especially in terms of sustainability and efficiency in construction.

Sustainable Building Practices for Building

With the growing focus is on building sustainable methods, Hebel Flooring aligns perfectly with these goals. The process of manufacturing the material involves the least amount of waste and emissions. Additionally the long-term benefits of energy efficiency as well as lower need for maintenance make it a desirable option for builders who are environmentally conscious.

Speed and Cost Efficiency

The light weight of Hebel Flooring speeds up construction time frames. This isn’t just beneficial for contractors but also an opportunity to save money for customers. Lower labour costs, quicker project completion, and less power consumption are all part of the financial attraction of Hebel Flooring.

Aesthetic Freedom

Designers and architects are increasingly using Hebel Flooring for its versatility in design. Its lightweight properties permit the creation of innovative designs. It is able to be easily moulded and shaped in a variety of architectural styles. This freedom of expression is an advantage in the construction industry as well as clients looking for distinctive, attractive structures.

Technical aspects of Hebel Flooring

Installation Process

Knowing the technical requirements of Hebel Flooring is crucial to the successful implementation. The process of installing includes cutting Hebel panels to the appropriate size and then fitting them securely into place, and then using the suitable glues and sealants. Prime Steel Frames and Trusses has an experienced team of professionals who are experts in Hebel flooring installation, making sure that the projects are done with precision.


Hebel Flooring requires very little maintenance. This is an important benefit for homeowners and commercial property owners. Regular cleaning and periodic inspections are usually all that is required to keep the flooring in top condition.


Hebel Flooring is famous for its strength. It is able to stand the tests of time, preventing common issues like decay, rot as well as termite damage. Prime Steel Frames and Trusses make use of Hebel Flooring ensures that the structures we construct will remain sturdy for the foreseeable future.